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Bamoer Chain Necklace with Pendant

Bamoer Chain Necklace with Pendant

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The damoer necklace is a chain jewelry made of 100% 925 silver, ensuring excellent quality and durability. The chain features an elegant and slim design that fits perfectly around the neck.

The pendant of this necklace is adorned with a brilliant zircon, a synthetic gemstone that offers a stunning sheen and a touch of luxury to the jewel. The zircon is carefully embedded in the pendant, adding an element of glamour to the overall design.

A fascinating detail of this necklace is the cat-shaped loop, which adds a playful and cute touch to the jewel. This loop is made with great attention to detail and adds a distinctive element to the overall design of the necklace.

The length of the chain is adjustable between 38 and 45 centimeters, allowing you to adapt it to your personal preferences and style. You can wear it shorter for a more intimate look or longer for a more elegant and refined look.

Despite its lightweight design, this necklace has a total weight of 3.19 grams, which makes it comfortable to wear all day without feeling weighted.

The damoer necklace with zircon pendant and cat-shaped loop is a fascinating and versatile jewel that adapts to many occasions. It can be worn alone for an elegant and minimalist look, or combined with other jewelry to create an overlap and personalization effect. It will definitely add a touch of unique style to your outfit.

The article will be delivered inside an elegant scatol As a gift.

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